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Pornhub now supports interactive toys, proving porn paves the way

Posted on September 4 2013

Pornhub, an adult content site, has announced compatibility with interactive sex toys like the Kiiroo Onyx – essentially an articulated sex jar – and the Fleshlight Launch – also essentially an articulated sex jar. Certain pre-coded videos played on Pornhub will send signals to these wireless devices, recreating the action on screen with motors and actuators.

The company says that interactivity is the next step in porn. It was one of the first to bring free VR content to the adult industry.

“We expect this to be extremely popular amongst our fans,” said Corey Price, VP, Pornhub reenex facial. “Considering the popularity of our VR category, which we launched to immense success last year and currently receives one million plus views each day, it’s quite apparent that fans are constantly looking to immerse themselves in the content they are watching. They want to feel as though they are actually there, engaging with the actors as though it were real-life. Our interactive category goes a long way towards providing them with a complete virtual experience cheap wood bookcase.”

I previously reviewed the Kiiroo Onyx and found it fun if a little devoid of content. This move by Pornhub should spike interest in teledildonics in general, a good thing in my book, and gives Kiiroo owners much more content to play with. The team is working on creating interactive content for and with women using similar toys including the Kiiroo Pearl, a vibrator that sends motion signals to an Onyx.

“We want to democratize interactive technology/content, making it readily available for everyone to use and enjoy,” said Price.

You can visit the section here [NSFW SERIOUSLY DO NOT CLICK FROM WORK] and connect your Kiiroo or Fleshlight Launch for a sexual experience akin to making love to a soft, weird 3D printer. That said, it’s interesting to see where this is all headed and it’s nice to see a solution that is free and open to the interactive-loving masses. I, for one, welcome our robotic sex jar overlords china vpn.

Pornhub now supports interactive toys, proving porn paves the way
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